GWmktg - GWMRKT.TV did the same to me

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writing in response to the thing about have the same 26 dollar charge on my account every month and I can't seem to stop it either.

I even cancelled my card and got a new one but they still seem to take the money out of my account. My bank traced the money back to some company in Isreal. On top of the 26 dollars i also get charged a *** foreign currency fee as well. At first I thought it might be related to some *** girls gone wild video I ordered but I was getting charged by GGW and this *** company at the same time.

So I was charged all together 60 dollars a month. GGW stopped charging me but this company just won't let up and I feel robbed. They made my checking account balance bounce on several occations and I have to keep paying 50 dollars in overdraft fees for something I never even did.

This is rediculous and I hope these people get whats coming to them and I get my money back.

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I keep getting charged from I never ordered anything or receive anything for 9 months.

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I keep getting charged from GWMKTG TV $26.98 each month.I never ordered anything or receive anything and did not find out about the charges until June.

My bank asks me to contact the merchant. I tried calling the number associated with the billing, I just got a beep, so there is no way to contact anyone. Charges are still piling on my account and I have nowhere to complain. If FBI an CIA are out there, This company should be investigated, punished.

the tel 1-800-719-5246: no response.police & FBI should investigate such a criminal merchant.

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Hey, man. Did you solve the problem?

because I got the same problem like yours. They charge $26.98 and send DVD I never ordered.

Jensen Beach, Florida 4 comments

I keep getting charged from never ordered anything or receive anything and did not find out about the charges until my account was overdrawn.

I have also been charged international fees from them. I tried calling the number posted with the charges and just get a beep, so there is no way to contact anyone. My bank is looking into it right now, but I am out over 200 dollars because of this. Does anyone know who this company is and how they get your information?

I can't believe that people can just rip you off like this.



This charge you are seeing is the automatic billpay system for Girls Gone Wild. When you purchase a DVD from them it comes with an automatically renewed subscription billed to your card each month. Contact GGW and they can stop the automatic charge


I ordered a Girls Gone Wild video for a my husband and GWMKTG.TV is the charge on my bank.


I got pissed , too.

I lost about $50.

Have you figured it out?

If you have, please contact me.

Ljutomer, Ljutomer, Slovenia #26187

I just got a random charge from them too. I'm curious as to whether or not you figured everything out. I can't believe this.

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